About AITE



As the first domestic enterprise whom fully achieved Industry 4.0 Production layout and "5G+RAID+AGV+MEC+WMS"Intelligent Management in mass transfer field,Aite Covered area is over 35000 SQM, which owned fully automatic injection workshop,the R&D center integrating design, processing and maintenance,Centralized and integrated metal stamping workshop, assembled type tower Internals workshop,Experimental simulation device and so on. Those equipments have made Aite a leading company in the industry, also attracted Tianjin University, Zhejiang University, East China University of Science and Technology, Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhongtai Chemical’s research institute technical support.


Land Area

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International Patent

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Annual Output

Relying on many years development and powerful equipment & techincal support, Aite established Suzhou Kaient Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., WuXi Bazhen Machinery Co., Ltd, Tianjin Tianyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Jinta Group’s Aite Metal structured packing branch, Xiangdong Ceramic Branch, Pingxiang Fxsino Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd. one after another. Mainly developed in mass transfer product, tower internals, wastewater treatment filler, VOCS series, cooling tower filler, random & structured packing, EPC project and on. Furthermore, owned 2 international patents and 5 Chinese patents on the development journey.

Most products are widely used in chemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, coking industry, chlor-alkali industry, salinization, electric power, environmental protection, oil refining, coal to liquid, pharmaceutical, fire protection etc.Annual Output is over 300000 cbm.Output value is about RMB 300,000,000.00

Currently, Aite can fully achieve”one station service” from technological design from all mass transfer product production.


R & D Center

Equipped with the CNC machine,CNC engraving machine,large-scale electric pulse machine lathe,NC lathe,medium speed wire-cut EDM and so on, also is the department which owned the most complete equipment and the strongest technical force in the industry currently. With many years efforts, we had developed Multi-slider & automatic mold that has achieved over 1000000 time Maintenance free,Multi-process centralized stamping technology that has achieved 500000 time Maintenance free etc..,and undertake product’s structure design, automation supporting,processing method innovation....., which covered mold’s manufacturing capacity of Injection, extrusion, stamping,blow molding ,rolling and so on.